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Check out my instagram! Hello! My name is Jalen Russell. I’m a former Division I Athlete & now operate as a Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Fitness Coach. I would love to be your trainer! I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree (Exercise Science) in 2020, and my Master’s degree (Sport’s Performance and Conditioning) in 2022. [...]
Matias Kalmar – Personal Trainer in Temecula Growing up in Argentina, I never placed much emphasis on fitness and health. However, when I moved to the United States, I realized the impact that a healthy lifestyle could have on one's quality of life. Motivated by my own transformation, I decided to become a personal trainer [...]
Israel Delgado - ISSA Certified Personal Trainer in Temecula Israel Daniel is a highly sought after advanced personal trainer who trains his clients at Self Made Training Facility, a fully private 18,000 sq. ft. gym located in Southern California’s Temecula Wine Country Israel is certified by the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) and he specializes [...]
My names Kyle Shimasaki and I'm an elite personal trainer at SMTF Temecula! Visit my Instagram
Coach Schu – Sports Performance Coach I own & operate my Own Youth Strength & Conditioning business out of a private gym called SELF MADE TRAINING FACILITY SMTF. Youth sports performance & strength coach since 2008. 22 years experience in navy medical anatomy & physiology. Strength & Conditioning Coach/Sports Performance Specialist: A science-based approach to [...]
What's up! My name is Kayla Kassis, and I am an ELITE Certified Personal Trainer currently based out of Self Made Training Facility HQ in Temecula, California. I love educating individuals on how to care for their bodies through proper, non-restrictive nutritional lifestyles AND through physical fitness. I will always preach day-and-night that you cannot [...]
I was born in 1987 in Argentina, in a small and beautiful city in the center of the province of Córdoba, where sport and the values of competition are essential in the development of people. My Italian/Argentinean family instilled in me the importance of an active life. I started practicing sports like soccer and rugby [...]
Certified Personal Trainer in Temecula, California Welcome, I am the founder of True Potential Athletics operating out of Self-Made Headquarters in Temecula, California! I have recently moved out to Southern California from Maryland & am excited to help you reach your fitness & athletic goals! As an athlete, I grew up playing soccer, basketball & [...]
Allen Perez – NASM Certified Trainer What’s up everyone! My name is Allen and I have been a personal trainer and a Men’s Physique competitor for about a year now. Health and fitness are the two things that I am most passionate about. I get a kick out of teaching people the ins and outs [...]
BIO As a single mother of 2 teenagers, I understand the daily struggles of managing life while trying to live a healthy and active lifestyle. I began my fitness journey 13 years ago after a health scare threatened to take away my joy of movement. I refused to accept the Dr’s prognosis by re-directed my [...]
Chandler Surette – NASM Certified Trainer As someone with a background in sports and a love for fitness, I have developed a strong passion for helping others achieve their health and wellness goals. Over the past eight years, I have gained valuable experience as a personal trainer, working with individuals from all walks of life. [...]
If you're looking to better yourself - I'm your guy! Stop your search now! I've been with Self Made from the very beginning!   Contact Me! 760-419-7287
Hi my name is Dyanne and I'm a personal trainer.
My Names Devon Walker and I am the CEO of Limitless Sports Academy! I am an elite personal trainer. life coach, and life changer My goal is to take your student athlete to the next level in all aspects of life. Ready to start? Click the Link below! Book A Session!
Let me OFFICIALLY introduce myself as a personal trainer who wants to work with YOU to help yo achieve your personal health & fitness goals! My name is Crystal Parry, training alongside my business partner & mentor, Franco Giordanengo, in Temecula, California. I’m excited to be partnering with my own personal trainer, Franco, to help [...]
My name is Ryan Shrader and I'm a sport performance coach and elite personal trainer Visit my Instagram
My name is Christopher Samarin, I'm an Elite Trainer with Self-made Facility and I specialize in bodybuilding, Strength & conditioning, and of course beginner lifters. I have done every diet and every exercise so you wouldn't have to. Fitness is my passion and passion is something you can't teach. I have and will continue to [...]
Derek Johnson – Personal Trainer in Temecula Hello, my name is Derek Johnson. I was born in Oakland, California in May of 1981, and moved to Southern California at the age of 18. I joined the military and was stationed in 29 Palms, California, which was not the most pleasant place to live. Fortunately, I [...]
BIO James is a personal trainer based out of Temecula, CA. He has 8 years of experience with 7 of those years being partnered with Self Made Training Facility.He specializes in building strength and muscle, weight loss management, and an overall healthy lifestyle. James provides his clients with a tailored program specific to each individual [...]
My name is Jarid King and I have been a personal trainer for 3 1/2 years. The reason I got into training/working out is because I was once I small/skinny kid and was made fun of for it during middle school and early high school. So for those that are going through the same thing [...]
Victor Cervantes – NASM Certified Trainer Coach Cervantes, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and NASM Certified Sports Nutrition Coach, is the owner and CEO of Zao Athletics, a fully operational private training facility established in 2019. As an experienced coach with nearly a decade of experience, he has helped athletes of all ages surpass their [...]
Sean Shannon – Personal Trainer Meet Sean Shannon, a personal trainer with a passion for helping moms and dads achieve their health and fitness goals. With over 9 years of experience in the fitness industry, Sean has developed a reputation as an expert in training clients of all ages and fitness levels, with a particular [...]
Hope Pino is a 23-year-old certified personal trainer who has been passionate about fitness since the age of 13. She has been in the fitness industry for four years and has helped numerous individuals achieve their health and fitness goals. Hope's personal journey with depression and anorexia in her teenage years has inspired her to [...]
Hey everyone calls me french ,im a striking coach here at Self Made  training facility HQ in Temecula. i coach from your average joe to your professional level .I specialize in boxing, Muay Thai, kickboxing ,MMA and I'm also a brown belt in jui- jitsu. I'm also a strength and conditioning coach/sports specification. so if [...]
Jackilyn Lowry – Personal Trainer in Temecula Jackilyn is a highly skilled and dedicated fitness professional who is thrilled to have finally made her passion her career. With over 18 years of experience in training and weightlifting and 10 years of certification as a personal trainer, Jackilyn has an extensive background in the fitness industry. [...]
My names Brandon Williamson and I'm an elite powerlifter and personal trainer. Join us for our wrestling classes! Contact me below! Visit My Instagram
My names Vernon Anderson and I'm an elite personal trainer and body builder. Visit my Instagram
Brittney Reyna - Certified Sports Nutrition Coach If you're looking for a change in your life and struggle with accountability, look no further. With 8 years experience as a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach I have a passion for helping people transform their lives. My passion for health and fitness has enabled me to [...]
Patrick De Nava – Elite Trainer in Temecula If you're someone that is looking to transform your body, improve your health and quality of life, then allow me to introduce myself. My name is Patrick De Nava and my career as a fitness professional began in 2019 but the real story dates back to fall [...]
I'm Jason Shirley aka Cali Grizz.
    As a 25 year old fitness influencer, fitness played a huge part in Angelo’s life. It helped keep him on the right path and out of trouble. Now his purpose is to share his knowledge with anyone and everyone to help better themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. Personal training to him isnt about collecting a [...]
    Lucas Scott – Elite Trainer in Temecula Hi there! My name is Lucas Scott, and I am a Young Entrepreneur and Elite Trainer here at SMTF. If you're looking to get in shape and achieve your fitness goals, then you've come to the right place! With over three years of 1-on-1 and Group personal training [...]
    My name is Alex Aguilar and ive been a professional trainer for 3 years.
      Ifbbpro, former United States Marine, Self-motivated and driven trainer. I've been weight training since 1984 in high school for sports because they told me I was too small, so I hit the gym and haven't looked back ever since. I competed in 8 bodybuilding competitions starting at age 50, three years later in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania [...]
      Keagan has had 4 years of master personal training experience. He specializes in lifestyle personal training and sports performance training. A little bit about Keagan, Keagan is a men’s physique competitor and hopes to one day receive his IFBB Pro card and compete at Olympia. Fitness played a tremendous part in Keagan’s childhood. He played [...]
        My name is Robert Arviso. I am a fitness trainer as well as a combat sports coach. I specialize in Boxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I have over 15 years of fitness training experience and 10 years in combat sports with a purple belt in BJJ. I am a Marine Corps Veteran and [...]

          Using a personal trainer from Temecula SMTF can be a great choice for a number of reasons. Firstly, Temecula SMTF trainers have their own training facility which means they have control over the equipment and space available for your workouts. This allows them to tailor your sessions to your specific needs and goals, and to create a workout environment that is comfortable and conducive to your progress. They can also ensure that the equipment is well-maintained and safe to use.

          Personal Trainers at Temecula SMTF are highly experienced and qualified professionals. We screen and verify all of our trainers’ qualifications and experiences. This means that you can be confident that you are working with a trainer who has the skills and knowledge to help you achieve your fitness goals.

          Are you a Personal Trainer and looking for a home for your Athletes? Are you fed up with the Corporate Gym Mentality? Find out more today. Click PRIVATE GYM HIRING NEAR ME to find out more.

          Temecula SMTF trainers have access to a variety of resources and tools that can enhance your training experience, such as workout programs and nutrition plans. This can make it easier for you to stay on track and make progress towards your goals.

          Overall, using a personal trainer from Temecula SMTF can be a great way to get the support and guidance you need to achieve your fitness goals, in a safe and effective way.

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