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Jacki Hansen – Certified Personal Trainer

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Jacki Hansen – Certified Personal Trainer

Certified personal trainer and competition posing coach in Temecula

Jacki, a highly skilled and certified NASM personal trainer, stands out as the ideal choice for individuals seeking a transformative fitness journey. With a profound belief that physical well-being is intricately connected to mental health, Jacki brings a unique perspective to her training approach. She understands that a healthy body not only fosters strength but also nurtures a positive mindset, making her training sessions an empowering experience.

Beyond her proficiency in fitness, Jacki serves as a posing coach for competition athletes. Her keen eye for detail and exceptional coaching skills have contributed to the success of numerous competitors. Holding the prestigious titles of IFBB Pro and 2-time NPC National Champion, Jacki embodies the pinnacle of dedication and achievement in the fitness world.

With years of dedicated service, Jacki has honed her expertise, particularly in working with youth athletes. Her passion lies in guiding young talents, instilling discipline, and imparting the importance of a balanced lifestyle. Jacki specializes in addressing muscle imbalances, body re composition, strength and conditioning, and bodybuilding. Her in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience make her adept at tailoring personalized training programs that yield remarkable results.

Choosing Jacki as your personal trainer means opting for more than just physical guidance. It signifies embracing a holistic approach to well-being, where physical strength merges seamlessly with mental resilience. Her commitment, expertise, and passion make her not just a trainer but a dedicated partner in your fitness journey. With Jacki by your side, you can expect unparalleled support, motivation, and guidance, propelling you toward your fitness goals with confidence and determination.

Personal Training Skills
  • body building 100 %
  • youth athletes 100 %
  • posing clients 100 %
  • body recomposition 100 %
  • lifestyle 100 %
Personal Training Experience
posing coach 3 years
IFBB pro

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