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Kurt Hoak – Personal Trainer in Temecula

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Kurt Hoak – Personal Trainer in Temecula

Kurt Hoak – Personal Trainer in Temecula

Who am I?:
Hey there, my name is Kurt Hoak! I’m the owner and operator of Physiosculptors Elite Personal
Training. My degree in Kinesiology and 10 years of experience in the fitness space allow me to
serve you as more than just a personal trainer, but as your best solution to transforming your
fitness goals into reality.

Why I do what I do:
My own fitness journey so far has been quite extensive. Being an active kid who participated in
many different sports, I was always immersed in exercise and physical activity. It was at around
the age of 10 that I really began to get involved with strength and conditioning training. Not only
did my involvement in multiple different sports create memories and valuable life experience,
but they also left me with more than my fair share of injuries. From concussions, to broken
bones, sprains, and separated joints, it’s safe to say I’ve seen (and felt) a lot. On the bright side,
my recovery from these experiences have shaped and formed the trajectory of what my strongest
passions are, which is helping people transform their quality of life through physical fitness. My
experiences have allowed me to gain a unique perspective on how transformative and impactful
professionally guided exercise can be. The outcome of this passion led me to pursue higher
education in the field, which created the opportunities to help people not only in athletic training
settings, but also in a physical therapy clinic as a PT aide. After growing in multiple different
professional roles in the fitness field and business leadership positions, I concluded that creating
my own business would be the most effective investment of my energy and knowledge in regards
to having the biggest impact on helping others.

What I offer:
With my vast background in the fitness field, I bring a unique blend of expertise to the table,
especially considering I have been in both the provider’s and the patient/client’s shoes. My real
superpower lies in my ability to connect with people on a personal level. I’ve honed my
interpersonal skills over the years, making sure my clients feel encouraged, supported, and
motivated every step of the way. My areas of expertise include, but are not limited to: entry level
exercises, adaptive exercises, exercise for general-wellness, resistance training, weight training,
endurance training, youth training, mid-life training, elderly training, powerlifting, bodybuilding,
functional training, injury prevention, strength and conditioning, weight gain, weight loss, body
recomposition, 1:1 personal training, small group training, online training, and exercise for sports

Let’s book!:
So, if you’re ready to make one of the best decisions of your life, message me now to schedule
your FREE consultation! Together, we’ll achieve your goals and create a healthier, stronger, and
more confident you. Let’s get started!

Personal Training Skills
  • Powerlifting 100 %
  • Cycling 100 %
  • Rehabilitation/functional training 100 %
  • motocross 100 %
  • Youth 100 %
  • Athletic Performance 100 %
  • calisthenics 100 %
  • flexibilty and mobility 100 %
  • functional training 100 %
  • group fitness 100 %
  • health and wellness 100 %
  • HIIT- high intensity interval training 100 %
  • Rehab and Injury Prevention 100 %
  • Male Trainer 100 %
  • Online Training 100 %
  • Outdoor Fitness 100 %
  • Power Lifting 100 %
  • Private Training 100 %
  • Rehab and Injury Prevention 100 %
  • Semi Private 100 %
  • Senior Fitness 100 %
  • Sports Performance Training 100 %
  • Sports Specific Training 100 %
  • Strength and Conditioning 100 %
  • Weight Loss Management 100 %
Personal Training Experience
B.S. Kinesiology
Work as a Physical Therapist Aide

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