Alexis Kuehl – Weight loss, functional training

I’m Alexis, a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach who is passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals and adopt overall healthier lifestyle habits. I specialize in weight loss, muscle gain, bodybuilding, mobility and nutrition. I understand that each athlete is unique, so I will work closely with you to create a personalized workout plan and nutrition program that is tailored to your individual needs and goals. My goal is to help guide you through your own fitness journey and help you learn how to properly fuel your body while doing so.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle, or simply improve your overall health and well-being, I am here to help you every step of the way.

Brianna Campos – Athletic Strength Training Coach

Hey there! I’m Brianna Campos, and I’m thrilled to introduce myself as your personal trainer here at Self Made Training Facility. With over six specialized certifications in sports conditioning, speed and agility, mobility and stability, and overall athletic performance, I’m dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals and surpass your limits.

My journey into personal training stems from a deep-rooted passion for sports and fitness. Coming from an athletic background myself, having played basketball, volleyball, soccer, and softball, I understand the dedication and hard work it takes to excel in sports. Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of training professional athletes, as well as athletes at the collegiate level, including Division 1 and 2, NAIA, and Juco players. If you’re an athlete seeking to elevate your performance, I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

In addition to sports-specific training, I specialize in body recomposition and strength training. My approach prioritizes not just cutting weight and losing fat, but also gaining lean muscle and perfecting form. By focusing on slowing down each movement and fostering a strong mind-to-muscle connection, I ensure that every exercise is performed with precision and intention.

But my role as your trainer goes beyond the physical aspect. I’m here to provide comprehensive support, including nutritional guidance to fuel your body optimally and strategies to strengthen your mental resilience. Having faced my own share of major injuries, including one that ended my athletic career, I understand the challenges of the recovery journey. With empathy and expertise, I’m committed to helping you overcome obstacles and reach your full potential.

Whether you’re an aspiring athlete striving for greatness or someone looking to transform their physique and overall well-being, I invite you to take the first step towards your goals. Fill out the consultation form below, and let’s embark on this journey together. Your first session is on me, because I believe in investing in your success from the start.

Let’s make your fitness dreams a reality at Self Made Training Facility with Brianna Campos. Can’t wait to meet you! 🏋️‍♂️💪

Brittney Reyna - Certified Sports Nutrition Coach

Introducing Brittney Reyna, a dedicated personal trainer who is committed to assisting individuals in achieving their fitness objectives. The majority of her clientele consists of moms, dads, business owners, and first responders. Brittney possesses extensive knowledge and understanding of the challenges involved in incorporating healthy habits and routines into hectic and unpredictable schedules. With a remarkable 9 years of experience in training clients of various ages and fitness levels, Brittney has built a strong reputation for her expertise in nutritional coaching, weight loss, corrective exercise, bodybuilding, and sports-specific training. Her comprehensive approach is applicable to any physically demanding profession or personal fitness goal.

Personal Training for First Responders

Brittney, with more than 7 certifications under her belt and a background as a jiujitsu competitor, is well-prepared to address your nutrition and training requirements. She caters to a diverse clientele, including first responders, business owners, and busy parents lacking resources or time. Brittney tailors her approach to your unique lifestyle, ensuring a plan that seamlessly integrates into your daily routineBrittney collaborates closely with individuals to develop a personalized plan that suits their needs. When crafting a customized plan for you, she takes into account your aspirations, professional path, family dynamics, daily routine, and dietary limitations. Her fitness approach is comprehensive, encompassing various aspects like mental health and overall wellness.


Personal Training for Medical Professionals

First responders and those with a strong career focus encounter difficulties in managing their schedules due to the nature of their work. Brittney possesses a deep understanding of the physical demands faced by first responders, as well as the chaotic nature of their work schedules. Over the years, she has committed herself to training first responders, identifying effective habits and routines to assist them in overcoming these obstacles both during and outside of their demanding shifts. Additionally, Brittney is highly knowledgeable in preparing these individuals for the physical demands of their jobs, ultimately improving their performance quality.

Personal Training for Stay at home moms

Parents encounter a unique obstacle when it comes to juggling family responsibilities and personal fitness aspirations. From coordinating children’s activities to preparing meals that cater to everyone’s tastes, parenting can be quite challenging. Brittney excels in devising dietary plans and overcoming these hurdles to incorporate fitness and nutrition seamlessly into their daily routines, including those of their kids. By adopting a holistic and relaxed method with her clients, Brittney inspires and empowers them to become more self-assured and physically fit individuals.

Whether you are a parent aiming to enhance your fitness level or a seasoned first responder striving to better preparation for the physical challenges of your profession, or simply an individual in search of guidance, Brittney possesses the expertise, understanding, and enthusiasm to provide assistance.

What is your Training Specialty?
Weight Loss Specialist and Certified Nutrition Coach

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Meet Elite Personal Trainer Brittney Reyna

Chandler Dunham – Weight Loss and Strength Training Coach

Weight Loss and Strength Training

Hey there! I’m Chandler Dunham, and I’m on a mission to empower others to transform their lives through fitness, just like I did.

Growing up, I struggled with my own mental health challenges. Anxiety and self-doubt were constant companions. It wasn’t until I discovered the power of fitness and holistic health that I began to see a profound change in my life.

Exercise became my sanctuary, my escape from the chaos of the world. With each workout, I felt stronger, not just physically, but mentally too. It was like I was shedding layers of negativity and insecurity with every drop of sweat.

As I delved deeper into my fitness journey, I realized that it wasn’t just about looking good; it was about feeling good from the inside out. I embraced a holistic approach to health, focusing on nourishing my body with wholesome foods, nurturing my mind with positive thoughts, and challenging myself physically to reach new heights.

This lifestyle change didn’t just transform my body; it transformed my entire outlook on life. I found a newfound confidence, a sense of purpose, and a zest for life that I had never experienced before.

Now, as a passionate personal trainer, I’m dedicated to sharing that transformative power with others. I want to help people break free from their limitations, discover their inner strength, and become the best version of themselves.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle, or simply improve your overall well-being, I’m here to guide and support you every step of the way. Together, we’ll not only sculpt your dream body but also cultivate a healthy mindset that will empower you to thrive in all areas of your life.

Join me on this journey to unleash your full potential, and let’s make your fitness goals a reality!

Coach Schu – Sports Performance Coach

Our Sports Performance Training programs help Athletes with enhancing Power, Vertical, Speed, Strength, Mobility, Quickness, Reaction, & more to improve abilities in their respective sport of choice.
As Sport Performance Coaches we work with athletes to improve their physical and mental abilities in order to enhance their overall performance in their respective sports. We help athletes develop their skills, optimize their physical fitness, and prepare for competition.
We typically work with athletes of all levels and ages, ranging from youth to College. We assess each athlete’s strengths and weaknesses, create personalized training programs, and provide guidance and support to help athletes reach their goals.
Overall, as sports performance coaches we play a crucial role in helping athletes maximize their potential and achieve peak performance in their chosen sports.
Our responsibilities of a sports performance coach include:
1. Conducting fitness assessments and evaluations to determine an athlete’s current abilities.
2. Developing training programs tailored to an athlete’s specific needs and goals.
3. Providing instruction and guidance on proper technique and form during training exercises.
4. Monitoring and tracking an athlete’s progress and adjusting training programs as needed.
5. Assisting with injury prevention and rehabilitation exercises.
6. Collaborating with other professionals, such as sports coaches, and sports psychologists, to optimize an athlete’s performance.
7. Providing motivation and support to athletes to help them stay focused and committed to their training.
8. Assisting with pre-game or pre-competition routines and mental preparation strategies.

Cynthia Baer – Weight Loss Specialist

Cynthia Baer – Weight Loss Specialist – Welcome! My name is Cynthia Baer, and I’m passionate about helping individuals transform their lives through fitness. With over a decade of experience as a dedicated trainer, I’ve had the privilege of guiding hundreds of women on their journey to weight loss, confidence building, and increased energy levels.

My training philosophy is centered around personalized, results-driven programs tailored to each client’s unique needs, preferences, and goals. I specialize in weight loss, strength training, and endurance, and I believe in combining physical and mental training to ensure holistic transformation.

One of the cornerstones of my approach is personalized nutrition planning. I work closely with each client to develop a custom nutrition plan that complements their fitness goals and lifestyle, ensuring sustainable results. Whether it’s meal planning, dietary guidance, or nutritional coaching, I provide comprehensive support to help my clients achieve optimal health and wellness.

But it’s not just about the workouts and meal plans; it’s about building a supportive community and fostering accountability. I offer both one-on-one sessions and group training, creating opportunities for my clients to connect, motivate each other, and celebrate successes together. Currently, we’re gearing up for a mud run as a fun way to stay motivated and accountable.

The results speak for themselves. I’ve witnessed incredible transformations in clients of all ages and fitness levels, from busy moms to professionals looking to prioritize their health. By empowering them to embrace healthier habits and overcome obstacles, I’ve seen confidence soar and goals achieved.

Joining my programs isn’t just about getting fit; it’s about embarking on a journey towards a stronger, fitter, and happier version of yourself. If you’re ready to take that step, I’m here to guide and support you every step of the way.

Ready to start your fitness journey? Let’s connect! Feel free to reach out to me at (951) 269-0992 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Ebony Bolton – Dedicated Fitness Trainer

Hello, I’m Ebony Bolton, Owner of Age Gracefully Training. I’m a passionate personal trainer with over seven years of experience specializing in catering to the unique physical needs of mature women.

With a diverse background in fitness and nutrition, I have honed my expertise to create tailored fitness programs that consider the hormonal changes and lifestyle shifts that occur during these crucial phases of a woman’s life. My extensive experience has allowed me to develop an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities that come with age, and I am dedicated to guiding my clients towards a healthier, more vibrant future.

My specialization lies in crafting personalized workout routines that address the unique hormonal changes women undergo. I emphasize strength training to combat muscle loss and bone density issues, cardiovascular workouts for heart health, and flexibility training to maintain joint mobility. My programs also focus on stress management and relaxation techniques to alleviate the mental and emotional aspects of this life transition.

Competition Preparation:
For those who aspire to compete in fitness competitions, I offer comprehensive coaching and preparation services. I understand that age is no barrier to pursuing your dreams, and I will work tirelessly to help you reach your peak physical condition for the stage. My holistic approach to gain muscle and fat loss ensures that you not only look your best but also feel your best throughout the competition journey.

Empowerment and Support:
My coaching philosophy is centered around empowerment and support. I believe that every woman has the potential to lead a vibrant and fulfilling life, regardless of age. I am dedicated to building a strong, positive support system for my clients, helping them overcome self-doubt and achieve their fitness goals with confidence.

Let’s embark on this journey together and let me teach you how to Age Gracefully!

Jacki Hansen – Certified Personal Trainer

Certified personal trainer and competition posing coach in Temecula

Jacki, a highly skilled and certified NASM personal trainer, stands out as the ideal choice for individuals seeking a transformative fitness journey. With a profound belief that physical well-being is intricately connected to mental health, Jacki brings a unique perspective to her training approach. She understands that a healthy body not only fosters strength but also nurtures a positive mindset, making her training sessions an empowering experience.

Beyond her proficiency in fitness, Jacki serves as a posing coach for competition athletes. Her keen eye for detail and exceptional coaching skills have contributed to the success of numerous competitors. Holding the prestigious titles of IFBB Pro and 2-time NPC National Champion, Jacki embodies the pinnacle of dedication and achievement in the fitness world.

With years of dedicated service, Jacki has honed her expertise, particularly in working with youth athletes. Her passion lies in guiding young talents, instilling discipline, and imparting the importance of a balanced lifestyle. Jacki specializes in addressing muscle imbalances, body re composition, strength and conditioning, and bodybuilding. Her in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience make her adept at tailoring personalized training programs that yield remarkable results.

Choosing Jacki as your personal trainer means opting for more than just physical guidance. It signifies embracing a holistic approach to well-being, where physical strength merges seamlessly with mental resilience. Her commitment, expertise, and passion make her not just a trainer but a dedicated partner in your fitness journey. With Jacki by your side, you can expect unparalleled support, motivation, and guidance, propelling you toward your fitness goals with confidence and determination.

Kayla Kassis – Elite Certified Online Personal Trainer

Elite Certified Online Personal Trainer – Hey guys! I’m Kayla Kassis, an ELITE Online Personal Trainer based at the Self Made Training Facility HQ in Temecula, California, servicing online clientele all across the United States. My unwavering passion revolves around empowering individuals on their journey for peak health and fitness. I do this by seamlessly integrating effective physical training with mindful, flexible dietary choices to encourage a healthy nutritional lifestyle that includes the things you love to eat. I am here to help you build a lifestyle, not a temporary diet with temporary results. I firmly believe that harmonizing these two vital components is the key to sustainable and transformative results in your fitness journey!

At just 21 years old, I bring over 7 years of dedicated weight training experience and more than two years as an Elite Personal Trainer to the table. My own odyssey in the fitness industry emerged from grappling with disordered eating and a struggle to cultivate self-love. If you’re reading this, you might relate to this journey of self-improvement.

In May 2018, I consciously adopted a vegetarian lifestyle, eventually transitioning to full veganism by January 2022. Recently, I’ve enriched my diet with lean fish options, offering tailored guidance to individuals with diverse dietary preferences, whether you lean towards omnivorous or herbivorous choices.

Throughout my personal fitness transformation, I shed approximately 30 pounds initially. However, my focus evolved beyond just shedding body weight. I now prioritize a comprehensive approach that includes optimizing muscle mass, managing body fat percentage, and most importantly builds SELF-LOVE. What started as a means to enhance my physical and mental well-being blossomed into an unwavering passion to help others on their own journeys.

My journey ultimately led me to become a certified trainer. My motivation was twofold: to share my deep love for fitness and to motivate like-minded individuals, particularly during those challenging days when motivation lacks. I recognize that everyone encounters obstacles, but I’m here to guide you beyond those mental limitations.

As you can see, nutrition and a great relationship with food is huge for me. As for my coaching style, I focus on weightlifting and strength and conditioning training to coach a majority of my clients. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, put weight on in a healthy way, get stronger, get faster, or even learn about fitness and where it lies for you in your life, I am the trainer for you and I would love to be your support system through the whole process.

For me, fitness became a healthy outlet, and I firmly believe it can be your lifeline too. If you’re in search of a dedicated, experienced personal trainer who emphasizes the pivotal synergy between nutrition and physical fitness, you’ve found your partner in progress. Together, we can march on a path towards a healthier, happier you, and achieve the lasting results you desire in your health and fitness journey.

Priscilla Small – Empowering Women to Gain Their Confidence Back

Hey there, I’m Priscilla Small! I empower woman to gain their confidence back and thrive on their new lifestyle! I believe that physical health is tied into mental well being. A strong body starts with a strong mindset.
My whole life I played sports and as I got to adulthood I realized how much I loved being active and turned it into a lifestyle the same way you can. What sets me apart is my commitment to body recomposition and building YOUR dream figure.

I help you with:
Incorporating mindful dietary habits
Create healthy lifestyle changes customized specifically to your needs
Create exercises that suit your body and schedule
Shift your mind into a new perspective with letting go of old mindsets
Building a healthy relationship with food

What I specialize in:
Weight gain
Weight loss
Booty building
Muscle building
Body shaping
HIIT ( high intensity workouts )
Drop body fat percentage while gaining muscle
Post part um
Injury prevention
Muscle endurance
Online training
Group trainings
Booty classes

Whether your goal is to drop body fat, gain muscle, or achieve your definition of your dream physique, I’m here to help you make progress at your own pace. Let’s work together to create a sustainable fitness plan that aligns with your goals, so you can feel your best, inside and out!

Tynisha Blanco – NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Tynisha Blanco – NASM Certified Personal Trainer –

Tynisha Blanco, a dedicated personal trainer and accomplished nutritionist, has been transforming lives since 2017 with her expertise in weight loss, muscle building, CrossFit, senior fitness, nutrition, and overall health and wellness. Her passion for helping individuals achieve their fitness goals shines through in her meticulous attention to detail and personalized approach to training.

Specializing in a wide range of fitness areas, Tynisha has established herself as a trusted professional both as an online personal trainer and through in-person sessions.

With a focus on holistic health, Tynisha goes beyond just physical fitness by emphasizing the importance of overall well-being and sustainable lifestyle changes. Her commitment to personalized care and support sets her apart in the field, inspiring her clients to reach new heights of fitness and vitality.

Whether it’s guiding individuals on their weight loss journey, helping them build lean muscle, or improving their overall health and wellness, Tynisha Blanco approaches each client with a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge. Her dedication to empowering others to lead healthier, happier lives makes her a valuable asset in the fitness and nutrition community.

What is your Training Specialty?
Weight loss, Muscle building, Balance training, Crossfit training